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The Process Development Lab & Foundry Services team is composed of a prestigious group of process and tool engineers along with wafer metrology experts. We help clients identify their chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) needs and work with them to custom design and develop the CMP process and advanced wafer solutions that fits their needs to build the device of the future.

Our wafer processing services include expertise in the following fields:

In need of SiC Processing? Axus Technology’s recent process improvements have yielded a material removal rate above 10 microns per hour on the silicon face. As a major industry breakthrough for Advanced Single-Wafer Silicon Carbide CMP, we’re providing SiC wafer suppliers with the most advanced CMP system on the market and unmatched performance benefits. The state-of-the-art Capstone® CMP system, coupled with our Crystal carrier (specifically designed for fragile wafer handling and advanced profile control), delivers premium-quality SiC substrates with sub-micron TTV and sub-Angstrom surface finish. The net result for Capstone® users is higher throughput while reducing consumables usage and cost of ownership (CoO) significantly.

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