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Strasbaugh 7AF

Strasbaugh 7AF advanced wafer grinding solution
Strasbaugh 7AF advanced wafer grinding solution Strasbaugh 7AF Wafer backgrinding Strasbaugh 7AF Ultra-thinning

The Strasbaugh 7AF wafer grinder is an advanced wafer grinding solution for semiconductor, data storage, SOI, LED, and a variety of R&D applications. The 7AF delivers high volume throughput with superior finish and thickness control. The force sensitive mechanics and advanced control system allows adaptive grinding that is determined by grinding wheel dynamics resulting in reduced sub-surface damage and increased product yield.

The unique mechanical design of the 7AF includes two air bearing grind spindles and two air bearing work holding spindles to allow simultaneious course and fine grind steps. Each wafer remains on the same work spindle for both grind steps thus reducing wafer handling and increasing wafer throughput.


  • SECS II Interface
  • We encourage each of our customers to do an on-site inspection of the tool, where they can review the details of the work accomplished, perform a final operational check of the equipment, and participate in the final testing of the tool.
  • Filtration system




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