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Aquarius™ A200-sa

The new and innovative Axus Technology Aquarius™ Wafer Cleaner provides improvements in all aspects of 100mm, 150mm, and 200mm wafer cleaning, including defectivity and throughput. Aquarius™ enhances the efficiency of the wafer cleaning process with the capability to run two different wafer sizes simultaneously. Through great engineering strides that has impacted the way wafer cleaning equipment progresses into the future, Axus Technology is proud to bring the best wafer scrubber to market.


  • Four brush boxes with full recipe control of all critical process variables
  • Two spin-rinse-dry stations
  • Two wet cassette stations in and two dry stations out
  • High speed wafer handling robot with dual end effectors
  • All operations can be done manually from the graphical user interface
  • Three different modes of control for brush/wafer contact: position, brush torque, and contact force


  • On-board dilution capabilities
  • Flat Finder/OCR
  • SMIF Version
  • Integrated Metrology

Dimensions: 70″W x 56″D x 98″H


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