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Edge Trim

Edge Trimming is a process step common in the manufacture of semiconductor device wafers that are used in advanced applications such as Through Silicon Via (TSV), Backside Illumination (BSI) and certain applications such as some types of Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS).

In most cases, both TSV and BSI applications require accurate Edge Trimming to achieve the best results.  Edge trimming will allow the resultant device wafer to be ground extremely thin, with some applications requiring a thickness of 50 µm (for TSV) or even much thinner (for BSI).edge trim dwg

The edge of the silicon wafer is shaped in an edge grinding step (various shapes are used) to minimize edge chipping and flaking.  Later, during the CMP process the edge of wafer is rounded as a result of the polishing process.

For successful Edge Trimming for the TSV and BSI processes, there are a limited number of acceptable methods that can be used to achieve the desired dimensions with optimized results.  Axus Technology process and equipment engineers have developed in-house systems with the associated process steps to achieve excellent Edge Trim results that will meet your specifications and expectations even for flatted wafers.  Axus Technology has advanced this technology to the point that the edge trim can be precision-ground down to the carrier wafer surface, into the carrier surface, or stopped on a specific film above the carrier surface.

For more information and a complete description of the process used at Axus Technology, please see our  Wafer Edge Trimming Application Note.

Edge Trimming may be a process that can help you improve your product yield and ultimate profitability. We look forward to discussing the benefits of having Edge Trimming as one of your process steps as a stand-alone process or integrated with wafer thinning and final grinding to your exact thickness specifications.

How Axus Technology Can Help You

FOR PROCESS SERVICES:  Axus Technology’s Process Services Department has the required equipment and expertise available to perform Edge Trimming on a contractual basis on your bonded wafer substrates.

FOR EQUIPMENT AND TOOLING:  Axus Technology can help with your equipment choice if you are planning to perform this process in-house in your own facilities.  Whether you are looking for a standard wafer Backgrinder with the appropriate diamond wheel and control system to perform the Edge Trimming process, or you would like to investigate modified dicing tools to perform Edge Trimming, the Axus Technology team can help you make the best equipment choice for your application.

Please contact us and learn more about this and our many other polishing, grinding, and cleaning process capabilities.

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