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Avalon carrier upgrade
Avalon carrier upgrade Avalon membrane carrier upgrade

Membrane carriers are an industry proven, widely used technology offering low consumables cost and efficient maintainability. Axus designed carriers can be retrofitted onto existing CMP tools, significantly enhancing tool performance and reliability.

The Avalon is the most advanced 4 zone membrane carrier of its kind on the market with a center pressure zone. Developed to improve wafer polishing profile and eliminate zone cross talk, the performance of the Axus Avalon will achieve your most stringent uniformity, repeatability and polish profile specifications. The Avalon is adaptable to several CMP platforms without the costly pneumatic upgrade to a higher number of pressure zones.


  • The Avalon carrier offers significantly lower WIW non-uniformity than the legacy carriers using rigid plates.
  • The 4 pressure zone Avalon carrier has been designed to reduce the wafer edge non-uniformity.
  • Membrane carriers have a large install-base in the CMP industry:
    • Used on over 1,000 CMP tools for 200mm and 300mm
    • Approximately 10,000 heads installed worldwide



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