Moog BPC machine controller BAM-S32

Moog/Berkeley Process Control System Products

Axus Technology has acquired the Moog/Berkeley Process Control 64-bit and 32-bit control system products lines and is continuing to support the product line, delivering product and service support.  The Moog and Berkeley Process Control products are used in a wide range of applications, including SCP wet benches and the SpeedFam Auriga CMP products.

Products include but not limited to:

Machine Controllers BX300
Machine Controllers BXi
Machine Controllers BX2
Machine Controllers BAM-S32
Machine Controllers BAM-S64
Servo Amplifiers USA4-11-28-UR USA4-22-35, USA4-35-70
Servo Motors ASM-121, ASM 81, ASM-143
Motor Power and other Cables USA-CA-M10, USA-CA-M20

Axus is also providing touchscreen service and support for both Berkeley Process Control and Fluke touchscreens.

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