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Ontrak Synergy/Integra

OnTrak Synergy/Integra cleaning systems
OnTrak Synergy/Integra cleaning systems OnTrak Synergy is a post-CMP scrubber
These scrubbers combine the successful principles of wafer cleaning established by OnTrak for optimized mechanical slurry particle removal plus metal contamination removal on post-CMP wafers and substrates using chemistries such as HF (optional). The product flow through these tools is linear and the wafers are kept wet throughout until the final drying process.
The OnTrak Synergy is a post-CMP double sided scrubber designed to provide a platform for cleaning recipes that can incorporate a variety of chemical process combinations. The Synergy can also be used in applications such as MEMS and LEDs and is not limited only to post-CMP cleaning. Through-the-brush chemical distribution is included.
The OnTrak Integra is a post-CMP double sided scrubber that uses the components and the successful cleaning technology of the Synergy. This tool is designed to be integrated for use in the cleanroom with a Chemical-Mechanical Polishing tool for complete Dry-In/Dry-Out operation.


  • Wet-station wafer loading; wafers in the queue are kept wet by a DI water spray.
  • Brush box #1, where the first cleaning step occurs uses double-sided PVA brushes and DI water along with diluted cleaning chemistries such as ammonia.
  • Brush box #2, which is identical to brush box #1 is where additional cleaning occurs (HF capable through the brushes).
  • The SRD (Spin-Rinse-Dry) module is where the wafer is spun while it receives a final rinse. Drying occurs with the help of an infrared lamp. In addition, there is an optional Megasonics cleaning arm.
  • A Mechanical Transfer Arm (robotic arm) transfers the clean and dry wafers to the output station.
  • The Output Station has a unique indexer that reliably receives the clean dry wafer from the mechanical arm and places it down into the receive cassette where it is held in a vertical position until the run is completed.


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