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Chemical Mix & Blend Carts

Axus Technology offers an 30-gallon chemical mix & blend cart system. From basic systems for feeding one chemical such as in a university or an R&D environment, to multiple-tank systems for larger, multiple-tool installations. Chemicals are mixed and kept in suspension by propeller driven agitators. Available options include the basic temperature control systems needed for maintaining consistent ambient conditions, and applications that require either reduced or elevated temperature chemistries. Axus Chemical Mix & Blend Cart Systems are adaptable to both high pH and low pH formulations.

Axus Technology also offers “Automated Point-of-Use” blending & delivery systems recommended for multiple CMP polishing slurry types and components. These options include the Dynamic Slurry Blend Carts, Gemini-2 Dual Slurry Delivery Systems, and the Cosmo-3 Customizable Slurry Delivery Systems specifically designed for wafer manufacturing fabs with high volume CMP applications.


  • Electrical & Plumbing connections to CMP tool
  • Caster-mounted platform
  • In-tank Agitation with stainless steel propeller
  • pH resistant reservoir tank


  • Temperature Control
  • Auto Refill
  • Sealable for pressurized N2
  • Multi-Tank Configurations


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