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Gemini-3 Dual Slurry/Cleaning Chemistry Delivery System

Axus Technology’s Gemini-3 is a single or dual slurry/chemical blending and delivery system that delivers a continuous supply of two precisely controlled CMP slurries or cleaning chemistries in an exceptionally compact and economical package. The system is well-suited for a broad range of production and development applications by utilizing a pair of mix and delivery tanks for each constituent blend. The slurry/chemical blend dispenses from one tank while a new batch of slurry/chemical mix is prepared in the second tank, allowing for uninterrupted on-demand slurry/chemical delivery. 

This twinned-tank arrangement eliminates the need to mix large batches of slurry and reduces concerns about pot-life and chemical management of stored slurry or chemical. Slurry management features include slurry humidification, nitrogen backfill and automated clean, as well as purge capability. Axus Technology’s Gemini-3 Dual Slurry Delivery System is overall designed for simple slurry/chemical maintenance, offering rapid clean and changeover of slurry/chemical types all in the confines of an exceptionally compact footprint occupying less than six square feet.


  • Industry standard magnetically levitated low-shear pumps provide for consistent delivery of fresh slurry or cleaning chemistry.
  • The user-friendly touch-screen controls deliver an intuitive user interface for slurry/chemical mix and delivery, as well as maintenance and slurry changeovers.
  • The small package with large transparent access doors puts all of the critical components within view and easy reach, making the system easy to service and maintain.
  • Priced less than most single-slurry/chemical automated delivery systems.
  • The perfect solution, delivering tremendous savings in space, capital investment, and slurry/ chemical cost.
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