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Temperature Control Slurry Delivery System

Temp Control Slurry
Temp Control Slurry Slurry Delivery System

The Axus Technology custom-designed Temperature Control Slurry Delivery System is composed of a 30-gallon (113-liter) polyethylene plastic reservoir tank that supports the use of either high or low pH slurries. The stainless-steel propeller-style mixer is designed to keep the slurry particles in suspension. A temperature control system is an integral component of this unit. Built with locking casters on a rigid platform, this portable system is easy to move from the polisher to the day tank or other location within your fab, when not connected to the drain.


  • Special design to keep slurry particles in suspension
  • Automatic slurry replenishment with low-level and high-level sensors
  • Designed to maintain slurry at user selectable temperature range from 55o to 120o F (13o-49o C)


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