Cosmo-3 Customizable Slurry Delivery System

Take the Chaos out of Slurry Distribution!

The Axus Technology Cosmo-3 Customizable Slurry Delivery System is the ultimate precision blending and distribution system specifically designed for wafer manufacturing fabs with high volume CMP applications. We understand that one-sized solutions do not fit all situations. The Cosmo-3 comes completely customizable, utilizing a combination of three modules.

  • CBU+ Blend & Distribution Module with up to a 10-liter Oxidizer Tank, up to a 25-liter Blend Tank, and up to a 100-liter Distribution Tank
  • CDU Drum Module with chemical delivery options up to 1000Kg
  • Control Module with management for up to 6 sub modules (2 CBU+ Blend & Distribution Modules & 4 CDU Drum Modules) with low power consumption. Metrology options ensure slurry blend accuracy and quality for batch-to-batch consistency.

Modularity allows for flexible layout options and facilitates future expansion options. End users are now given the customization and onboard precision controls to produce their own batch sizes for multiple CMP systems economically.

The benefits of the Axus Technology Cosmo-3 Slurry Delivery System also extend to overcoming chemical out-gassing issues often seen with various oxidizers. The closed loop maglev pumping systems of the Cosmo-3, supplies consistent pressure and flow across numerous toolsets. This system takes advantage of the Levitronix state-of-the-art pumping technology which is coupled with an in-line filtration system. The low shear force that is produced throughout the Axus Technology Cosmo-3 Slurry Delivery System, minimizes slurry particulate agglomeration thus reducing micro-scratching
resulting in improved process yield.


  • Automatic rinsing programs for tanks & slurry line to prevent slurry residue and agglomeration
  • Process tank weighing systems
  • Automatic rinsing programs for tanks & slurry line to prevent slurry residue and agglomeration
  • State-of-the-art metrology for precision blending accuracy, pH, density & concentration, allowing the user to control batches to critical accuracy levels


  • In-drum mixing hardware with Levitronix configurable pump tank mixer units
  • Oxidizer Concentration Monitor
  • Density Monitor
  • pH Monitor
  • Humidified N2 Blanket
  • User defined KPI Data Collection and monitoring package
  • Remote diagnostic service
  • Pump or filter redundancy
  • Remote HM
  • Tote weighing with automatic supply transition


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