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Applied Materials Mirra

The Applied Materials Mirra CMP Tool is a Dry In – Wet Out (DI-WO) type of CMP machine which incorporates three polishing platens. The four wafer carriers are supported by a carousel transfer mechanism that moves the wafers through a one, two, or three step polishing process. It will process wafers from 150 to 200mm in diameter, and can be used for the planarization of thin films such as oxide, tungsten, and Polysilicon.


  • MIRRA TRAK – provides Dry In-Dry Out (DIDO) processing and is integrated with the OnTRAK “Integra” double sided wafer cleaning system.
  • MIRRA MESA – provides fully automated Dry In-Dry Out (DIDO) processing and is integrated with the MESA cleaner. A FABS unit is added that can accommodate up to four 25-wafer cassettes.
  • MIRRA DNS – integrated with the DNS AS-2000 Post-CMP cleaning tool and includes the FABS (Factory Automation Buffer Station) and an LTA (Linear Transfer Assembly).



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