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The new Capstone® CS200 series is the next-generation CMP processing tool from Axus Technology offering the best-in-market wafer polishing performance for 100, 150, and 200mm wafer sizes. The state-of-the-art system architecture includes a superior load-polish-unload sequence for high throughput process capability and reduced system footprint. Capstone® provides more efficient application and utilization of chemical mechanical polishing slurry, offering a 40-50% reduction in slurry consumption. The unique pad conditioning system also provides up to double the pad life of other CMP tools. The Capstone® CS200 series is the wafer processing equipment of the future and brings significant reduction in CoO, substantially reducing overall CMP process costs.

In need of SiC Processing? The state-of-the-art Capstone® CMP system, coupled with our Crystal carrier (specifically designed for fragile wafer handling and advanced profile control), delivers premium-quality silicon carbide substrates with sub-micron TTV and sub-Angstrom surface finish.

CS200-ia (Integrated Aquarius Cleaner Configuration):

  • Advanced CMP System with fully integrated Double Sided Post-CMP cleaner for dry-in, dry-out applications
  • True Bridge tool, can run two different wafer sizes simultaneously

Standard Features:

  • Multizone Wafer Carriers (Avalon, Crystal, Fulcrum)
  • 100mm, 150mm, and 200mm capable
  • Completely Independent Wafer Movement
  • Unlimited Wafer Flip Capability
  • Linear Pad Conditioner with Symmetrical Travel Pattern
  • High Pressure D.I. Water Rinse Bar
  • Minimal Wafer Handling
  • Smart-slip Sensor System
  • Slurry Flow Controllers
  • On-board, State-of-the-Art High Speed Industrial Control Network
  • Connectivity
  • Fully Integrated Post CMP Cleaner
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Optional Features:

Other Configurations:


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