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Disco DAG810

Disco DAG810 automatic wafer grinder
Disco DAG810 automatic wafer grinder Disco 810 wafer grinder touchscreen Disco DAG810 ring frame

Disco DAG810 is a single axis automatic wafer grinder that can grind wafers up to 300mm diameter. With one air bearing grind spindle and one vacuum chuck mounted on a high precision mechanical lower spindle this grinder has a relatively small footprint of only 11 square feet. This grinder can perform either standard in-feed (plunge) grinding or optional creep feed grinding.

With optimized grinding of 200mm SEMI grade silicon wafers, the DAG810 is capable of:
Thickness control of ± 1.5 micron (WTW)
TTV across the wafer of ≤ 1.5 micron


  • Small Footprint – Perfect for research labs and smaller production
  • Grinds wafers up to 300mm
  • In-feed grinding with wafer rotation
  • Ultra-stiff air bearing grind spindle
  • Porous chuck table with vacuum chuck
  • Manual load/unload


  • Either one or two height gauges
  • In-feed grinding for work pieces up to 300mm diameter
  • Creep-feed grinding for work pieces up to 200mm diameter
  • 200mm ring frame grinding
  • Vacuum system with fluid separation unit
  • Filtration system


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