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Axus Surface

Surface CMP polishing semiconductor wafers
Surface CMP polishing semiconductor wafers Surface to planarize wafers from 100mm to 200mm Axus Surface wafer polisher Surface fully automated planarization tool Surface Fully automated precision polishing

The Axus Surface wafer polisher is a fully automated, precision tool for CMP polishing of semiconductor wafers used to achieve flatness, uniformity and planarization on patterned/device wafers. The Surface, which is based on the IPEC 472 chassis, features automatic wafer handling and is capable of two-platen, two-step polishing processing to maximize wafer throughput capability and quality. Designed to planarize wafers from 100mm to 200mm, the Surface is ideally suited for material polishing applications that require repeatability with operational and processing flexibility. The Surface comes standard with a 4-pass pneumatic system for carrier control and is 200mm ready. Many membrane carrier options are available for the Surface making it a very versatile polishing tool for all types of substrates. This tool has a long list of options that are not offered with refurbished tools such as; final pad conditioning system, high pressure platen rinse, clear wafer sensing, improved wafer handling for thin substrates and motor and optical end point detection systems.


  • Fully automated precision polishing
  • Two platen process for post polish buff
  • Multiple slurry dispense
  • In-situ pad conditioner
  • Material compatibility for medium and low pH slurries (1-12)
  • Down force up to 750lbs
  • Controllable wafer back pressure
  • Polish head clean station
  • External interface for end point capability
  • Temperature controlled platens


  • Optical end point
  • Motor current end point
  • Thin wafer handling solutions
  • Clear wafer sensing solutions
  • Wide variety of membrane carrier options
  • Final platen conditioning system
  • CMP-Idle-Mode Water Recirculating System
  • Optical EndPoint Detection


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Axus/Plessey Partnership

Axus partners with Plessey Semiconductors to help bring high-performance GaN-on-Silicon monolithic microLED technology to the mass market.

Using tooling from Axus and optimised processes, Plessey Semiconductors has achieved a successful wafer to wafer bond of a 1080p microLED display 0.26” diagonal to a 3-micron pixel-pitch backplane. Much smaller than the 0.7" diagonal 8-micron pixel-pitch active-matrix display previously demonstrated.


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