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Semiconductor Robot Repair and Refurbishment services Semiconductor Robot repair refurbishment redesign Semiconductor Robot Functional Repair and Recalibration services Semiconductor Robot Repair and Refurbishment services

Robot/Pre-Aligner Repair and Refurbishment Services for:

  • Hine Design
  • Equipe/PRI
  • Genmark
  • Asyst
  • Moog/Isel



Semiconductor processing tools rely heavily on automation to provide hands-off manufacturing capabilities in critical environments.

  • Cleanroom environment: to reduce contamination
  • Semiconductor manufacturing environment: for reliability, repeatability and productivity
  • Economic environment: to gain a profitability edge on the competition
  • Technology environment: to enhance accuracy and assure repeatability

We are engineers who understand your process. Axus Technology understands the importance of robotic integration in manufacturing tools for the semiconductor industry. Our decades of experience in the FEOL CMP processes and the BEOL wafer thinning processes gives us a greater appreciation of the importance of proper repair and refurbishment when it comes to integrated components and systems such as pre-aligners, pick-and-place robot transfer systems, and multi-axis articulated robots.

Our dedicated robot team-services include four levels to fit your specific needs:

  • Functional Repair and Recalibration
    • Services to fix specific issues your robot may have.
    • The failed parts are replaced, the robot is recalibrated, and certified.
  • Enhanced Repair and Preventive Maintenance
    • The failed parts are replaced, and we identify and fix worn components or parts that appear to be reaching their expected effective lifetime. We recalibrate and certify.
  • Refurbishment
    • The robot is completely disassembled and upon examination motors, belts, pulleys, bearings, shafts, etc., that need to be replaced are replaced. We calibrate and certify.
  • Re-Engineer/Redesign/Repurpose – with enhancements
    • Working in consultation with your process and equipment engineers, in many cases we can bolster and strengthen the robot to exceed the manufacturer’s original OEM specifications. This can offer quick adaptability of your present robots into new applications which may require stronger, quicker, and more reliable performance.  We learn about your application, needs, & wants, and then we engineer upgrades and improvements to meet your performance specifications.

Preventive Maintenance:

  • Axus Technology offers a full-scale regularly scheduled PM program designed to meet your needs and criteria. This is a PM program custom designed to fit your needs and it is offered as an on-site service or as a regularly scheduled “Fix-and-Replace” program to keep your manufacturing lines running with optimized performance and minimized unscheduled downtime.
  • All of these programs are offered with quick turnaround and industry valued warranties.  We understand your needs and we recognize that you may have special requirements. Our capability and customized response will keep your manufacturing tools running at peak efficiency.
  • Axus Technology supports a wide range of robots; the most common examples are the Genmark GB4 series and the GB8, plus robots from Brooks, PRI, Equipe, and Asyst.  We work with other industry standard robots as well and even proprietary robots manufactured by tool OEMs and integrated inside their tools.

Performance specifications such as accuracy and repeatability are critical to the safe handling of wafers and substrates.  To be certain that the repair or refurbishment meets factory specifications we run extensive tests and simulated operational cycles through all motions to validate the robot and controller.  We provide documentation upon request.

Axus Technology also repairs and refurbishes proprietary robots made by OEM tool manufacturers designed to be used within their specific equipment, such as the Strasbaugh 6DS-SP robot shown at left.  If your robot is not listed here, please contact us so that we can discuss your specific needs.


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