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CMP pad conditioning arm repair remanufacture
CMP pad conditioning arm repair remanufacture CMP pad conditioning arm repair for AMAT CMP tools CMP pad conditioning arm service for AMAT CMP tools

CMP Pad Conditioning Arm Service

Axus Technology provides repair and remanufacture services for pad conditioning arms on Applied Materials 200mm and 300mm CMP tools.  The comprehensive rebuild services include a component kit that replaces all of the basic mechanical components, including bearings, seals, and other routine replacement items.  In addition, each arm is operationally tested and inspected in order to identify any additional items that require attention.  These items, including motors, harmonic drives, and any coated or worn component parts, are identified and addressed as part of the remanufacture process.  For 300mm arms, the original OEM arm coating is typically removed and replaced with a more durable coating that is also easier to clean.

Each pad conditioner assembly is tested, serialized, and delivered in “nearly new” condition for replacement in the CMP tool.  The repair cycle typically takes 5 weeks.

Pad Conditioner Rebuild Process

Incoming Evaluation:

  • Operating test & audit
  • Visual inspection, including complete disassembly

Rebuild Process

  • Application of base rebuild kit (o-rings, bearing, wear parts…)
  • Replacement of any failed, worn, or damaged components, such as motors and harmonic drives
  • Recoating of components, where required.  (For 300mm arms, recoating of the entire arm is generally accomplished on all “first rebuild” arms.  The OEM coating is replaced with an upgraded and more durable coating.  The upgraded coating has better adhesion and chemical resistance and is more durable
  • Products are tracked, and serialized when required

The Axus Technology Pad Conditioner Rebuild program delivers consistent operation and production performance required by users.  The several proven advantages delivered to CMP users include:


  • Repeatable production-ready pad conditioner performance
  • Consistent tool-to-tool pad conditioner operation
  • Improved pad-conditioner reliability, with reduced maintenance requirements

Performance tracking of each pad conditioner for long-term reliability




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