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Axus Spotlight: Production Floor

Aug 30, 2023 | News

The Heartbeat of Our System

Advancing today’s technology for the future is measured by a vast universe of progression, from scientific breakthroughs to awe-inspiring technological innovations across its spectrum. This unique system is recognizable by the rhythm of its heartbeat; better known as the drums of operation. Just like a finely tuned orchestra that captivates its audience with harmonious melodies, teamwork and collaboration are the percussion that gives a successful production floor its cadence, resulting in the solutions and consumer satisfaction. Here at Axus Technology, our production floor team embodies the epitome of a heart’s purpose and functionality of product efficiency. From the seamless integration of cutting-edge technology to the symmetry of our skilled workforce, this powerhouse of productivity exemplifies the robust manufacturing processes it takes to transform complex assembly into state-of-the-art tools.

We recently got the chance to sit down with Manufacturing Supervisor, Brad Willaman, and his devoted technicians to uncover the magic behind their ever-changing mechanical world. Whether conquering towering challenges or unraveling intricate schematics, the essence of this cohesive unit acts much like a well-oiled system. The team’s hands-on approach to the motto, “hard but smart work produces quality” is reflected in all areas of services from legacy refurbishment to Capstone® and Aquarius™ builds. Brad mentions that the team carries a strong sense of pride in their daily auxiliaries including project assessment, prioritization, and adaptability. Those hoping to join this type of work environment must be willing and able to learn foundational skills while being open-minded and accountable as the day evolves from one course of action to the next.

However, the journey towards achieving symphonic excellence is not without important precautionary measures. One critical element for success on the manufacturing floor is the acknowledgement and adherence of safety and risk management. The presence of large machinery, dangerous hardware, and chemical substances creates a plethora of opportunities for injury. This is why astute focus on cleanliness and caution are prevalent at all times. Combating potential risks by using proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and being cognizant of their surroundings takes an “all-hands-on-deck” effort from the entire team. Brad applauds his team’s efforts to the importance of these measures and appreciates the constant communication he sees on the floor.

Harmony in a mechanical world takes visionary leadership acting as a guiding composer. Willaman navigates the diligent efforts of his engine’s core to not only produce a culture that cultivates meaningful relationships towards a common rhythm of assembly but also quality products that consistently exceed consumer expectations. We asked the team to sum up their source of fuel for achieving these results. They replied, “we’re a family fueled by the medicine of laughter.” Each individual is authentic and unapologetically themselves from their fun-loving personalities to the strong devotion for their craft. These attributes create a healthy space for cutting-edge design, therefore paving the way for a better tomorrow. Axus Technology is a system that continuously works to transform diversity into unity and potential into reality.