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Axus Spotlight: Process Development and Foundry Services

Jul 26, 2023 | News

When it comes to any successful business model, there are certain key components which must be present to cultivate a winning environment. Each collaborative strand that strengthens the web plays a significant role in fostering innovation and growth. Along the intricate pathways of a dynamic core, inquisitive, experienced, and very skilled minds can be observed working together as a team. One of the backbones of Axus Technology’s successful business model is the esteemed Process Development and Foundry Service team. From research and discovery to leading-edge solutions and technology, they are truly a group of game changers within the semiconductor space.

We recently sat down with Director of Process Technology, Catherine Bullock and her spirited group of cleanroom ninjas to discover the chemistry behind their spotlight. From the unique quirks and techniques that separate from the competition to customer service standards that provide timely solutions and field support. Catherine states that the team banners itself on having purpose driven design which includes the intricate thought and care behind the exploration and integration of all new technology. With no shortage of service demand, a variety of projects are constantly up-to-bat for the team to shine through with revolutionary wafer processing breakthroughs. These are the turnkey solutions that not only fulfill many customer requests but provide industry advancements in CMP research and development. For example, their progression in SiC processing has brought to the market significant improvements in performance, cost, and reliability.

When asked about the two biggest factors in setting the bar of excellent customer service, the collective response fell on safety and optimal foundry setup. The team takes pride in their thorough training focus on the safety handling of dangerous substances and harmful chemicals. Not only does this apply to equipment control and maintenance but client visitation as well. With the level of visibility to showcase Axus Technology’s capabilities, unique processes, and product quality, a safe foundry environment is vital to the consumer experience. Within this space, the team helps clients reduce the cost of ownership by providing and offering flexibility solutions in the areas of foundry processing, equipment tooling, and consumable selection. As a resource hub for foundry setup, this department provides a beacon impacting the very environment for efficient wafer production to thrive.

We ask the group what their keys to achievement were as growth opportunities continue to establish new steps along this success journey? They replied that team collaboration and familial culture promotes achievement. With the motto “Work hard. Play hard.”, this small but mighty growing community enjoys every proud moment created from the fruits of their labor when hours of process development and design integration forms real-time support and solutions. Catherine states that this is the best group of people she has gotten the chance to work amongst within her 30 years in the industry. Within a healthy and vibrant culture lies the understanding that successfully trailblazing on new paths takes mentees becoming leaders, and the team is committed to teaching the next group of cleanroom ninjas in the way of adaptability and deadline prioritization. Advancing today’s technology for the future starts in the foundry, and through ubiquitous and fervent effort, the Process Development and Foundry Service team continues to shine brighter than ever before. “We are only on step one of revolutionizing this industry” exclaims Catherine. Therefore, we have far more to look forward to from this spirited team.