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Its a Family Affair

Apr 28, 2021 | News

A company’s culture can be defined by the capacity for every employee to experience the positive nature of the relationship they have with their colleagues. We often deem something special about businesses that capture the magic representing the very best of family woven into their growing and cultivating work environment. A combination of commitment, caring, communication, and acceptance are the ingredients for this healthy balance, and it gives feet to the vision often poured out through the very customer service the consumer receives.

At the core of what it means to be family, humanity thrives the best. Within this type of work environment done right, the product grown is an authentic culture that establishes a sense of pride in the brand, a passion for the work, healthy accountability, and a platform of great leadership where positive role models give you the reassurance and inspiration to be and do your very best.

What makes the culture at Axus Technology even more unique to this sought-after work environment is the elements of real family connections that contribute to its organic growth and authenticity. Peek into engineering and you will probably find President Dan Trojan collaborating with Director of Engineering John Shugrue on the latest CMP tool to revolutionize the industry while their protégés in daughter Jessica Brindley and son Ben Shugrue passionately stay busy perfecting the software programming. Look onto the production floor and you will see the leadership of Floor Supervisor Brad Willaman shining as he keeps Axus on track while imparting wisdom and encouragement to his son Braden Willaman as he grows in his role. Over in Parts and Service, customers feel welcomed right over the phone by the warm and familiar voice of Grazyna Bendisz as she demonstrates Axus’ world-class customer service. Her work ethic is infectious, and her heart of servitude continues to leave a lasting impact on her son, CMP Process Engineer Filip Bendisz, as he works through executing client requests in the development lab.

These real family connections can simply be a little bit of nostalgia to the “good old days” where generation after generation contributed to the character of the company, and one was inspired by the next; but in today’s desired work environment, Axus Technology is utilizing the attributes of their strengths to culturally impact everyday life at the company. Believing in a family-oriented culture means prioritizing employees with the values, strengths, and relationships formed between them; a family affair filled with the measured experience of every employee being proud of the “work” but also the “where”.