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Aug 4, 2021 | News

Chiseled from humbled foundations awaits a discovery of jewels that can be obtained in the form of knowledge, work ethic, and inspiration. Paths are shaped towards greatness within this beginning and the lamp that guides one’s professional journey knows where to first shine. A company can be that summer lighthouse with the right internship experience to provide building blocks for success. These gainful experiences create strong guiding pillars that give strength throughout the lifecycle of a career. At Axus Technology, we check in on two of our interns trailblazing through the start of a prosperous career journey. They are Axus NextGEN.

A student’s love for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) oftentimes can be witnessed right within the heroic realm of home, where a child is so inspired by the discovery of what their parents do for a living. This was the case for Nicholas Shugrue, whose parents are both engineers and have had a great influence on him developing his own passion for the field. Their influence became a positive household mantra, shaping his desire for the right type of professional environment in which to continue cultivating his skills. Nicholas currently attends Northern Arizona University, and interns within the Software Engineering Department. He feels integrating into the life at Axus was seamless because of the community culture present within the company.

Nicholas has been thrilled with the opportunity to be mentored by some of the best minds in the business. Between a vast wealth of knowledge to learn from and being pushed towards the great impact his generation will make on the industry, he equates his experience to sports, where the best athletes are guided by some of the best coaches of all time. Nicholas also enjoys interacting with a variety of machinery, where he has had the opportunity to code app interfaces, program tools, and work directly with robotic motors. A fun moment he recalls is when he was testing the spin mechanism on a motor by using a vintage Arizona Diamondbacks bobble head of Archie Bradley.

​The essential marker of a rewarding experience is to always have fun learning. Some of the greatest sparks of creativity and passion for innovation are birthed through playful encounters, like when a child gets their hands on the first toy robot they choose to befriend. Learning the quirky ins and outs of the robotic functions circulates the young mind into wonderful possibilities imagined. This was Will Daschbach’s first experience into a growing love for robotics and passion for the STEM industry. Grateful to have had the opportunity to intern at Axus Technology throughout his college experience, he appreciates the depth of learning from working directly on parts to programming. Will currently attends the University of California Santa Cruz and interns also within the Software Engineering Department.

Part of his enjoyable internship experience has been learning code in real time with professional application; especially given the opportunity to write communication for a new coding platform. Will credits the mentorship for his growth throughout his time at Axus. The biggest professional takeaways have been the importance of getting educated with the tool manuals and how they help coding transition to application; plus learning how efficient repository management contributes to cultivating the balance amongst his peers towards progressing the tool’s functionality. Will’s words of wisdom for the next interns are to be humble and absorb as much as you can from the professional setting. He believes this is the best way to discover, learn, and cultivate all you want out of your internship experience.

The goal of Axus NextGEN is to provide an internship program that produces the professional experiences to catapult careers towards achieving success. Nicholas Shugrue and Will Daschbach are two bright and young professionals taking advantage of the opportunity. Impact for the next generation is filled with endless potential when they can follow the light that shines upon the footprints towards success’ way. Axus Technology is excited to support their journeys.

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