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Women Empowerment in Tech

Jun 16, 2021 | News

According to census.gov, men make up 52% of all U.S. workers and 73% of all Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) workers. With the world evolving into a more digital society, women are gaining ground as tech professionals. Census.gov states that women only made up 8% of the STEM workforce in 1970 and increased to 27% in 2019. With advocacy organizations and communities such as Women in Technology and Girls in Tech, Inc., women empowerment in the tech realm is garnering to be an illustrious garden and not simply just a beautiful flower.

This barrier-breaking transformation is not only supplying the industry with contributing attributes of cultural enrichment within the four walls of a corporate structure, but also bleeding into the consumer’s appreciation for authentic principles behind the brand’s character. This very important application of gender diversity cultivates a balance within the employee’s voice to amplify and influence the synergy that is critical to the teamwork needed for a business to succeed. Women empowerment also supports a diversity in leadership that helps move the company in the right direction.

Oftentimes a rewarding portion of a company’s growth today can be found through the impact of women empowerment integrated right within the functionality of its infrastructure. Its sustainability is valued in the very equal opportunity that provides vitality for healthy work culture. Axus Technology’s Director of Supply Management Gina Steers defines this advocacy of opportunity as being able to have a woman’s work ethic and productivity determine the title they want to achieve because access is made available and encouraged. Axus Technology’s Director of Process Technology Catherine Bullock defines the same advocacy of opportunity as not having to work above and beyond just because of gender but because of the professional’s drive and performance. She believes its “gend-tastic” when companies like Axus Technology are ahead of the curve, rather than left behind, in rightfully balancing the playing field based on merit and contribution.

The opportunity is there with industry-wide growth and expansion. Women empowerment in tech can become a staple business principle today instead of future aspirations. With seeds in the ground now, water is just one hand of advocacy away. To quote our 3rd U.S. President Thomas Jefferson, “No occupation is so delightful to me as the culture of the earth, and no culture comparable to that of the garden.”