Titan Carrier Upgrade for IPEC Tools

The innovative equipment and process engineers at Axus Technology have developed a unique upgrade kit that allows the owners of earlier generation CMP tools to improve the productivity and yield of their IPEC 372M and IPEC 472 CMP tools.  The “Titan,” advanced membrane wafer carrier upgrade delivers significant process and productivity improvements.

IPEC and Strasbaugh CMP tools have proven to be low-cost workhorses in the manufacture of semiconductor devices.  Now with the new Titan Carrier Upgrade, owners of these tools can begin receiving the benefits of current carrier technology.

The Axus Technology Titan carrier upgrade:Titan Carrier Upgrade

–  Improves Edge Exclusion to 3mm.

–  Increases removal rate by 2X, or more

–  Results in improved WIWNU and WTWNU

–  Improves throughput and reduces process cost

To resolve many issues and to give owners of these types of CMP machines more capability and process flexibility, the Axus Technology Titan Upgrade includes the hardware and software that is integral to upgrading these legacy machines with modern multi-zone, front referencing wafer carriers that have pressurized wafer retaining rings.  These kits are available now for the IPEC 372M, IPEC 472, as well as for Strasbaugh CMP tools.

The Titan wafer carrier for CMP applications is a widely used wafer carrier that utilizes a dual zone, molded, flexible membrane plus the pressure controlled retaining ring for CMP wafer processing.  Along with adding zone control capability, the membrane carrier can use state-of-the-art process recipes that deliver higher removal rate and tool throughput, at a lowered process cost.

Data has shown that performance is improved in every way when this Axus Technology Titan Carrier retrofit and upgrade kit is installed on legacy CMP tools.