Axus-T4 Wafer Carrier – 4″ Membrane Carrier for CMP Tools

The exceptional process performance of current production CMP tools is largely the product of the membrane carrier technology applied.  State-of-the-art membrane carriers with pressure controlled rings have been in use for a decade, except for 4” diameter substrates.  Axus Technology has addressed this need, developing the Axus-T4 Membrane Carrier for 4” applications. The Axus-T4 carrier can be installed on several of the CMP platforms including those manufactured by Applied Materials, IPEC and Strasbaugh.The Axus-T4 membrane carrier delivers improved uniformity and removal rate along with a reduce edge exclusion zone – delivering both improved yield and reduced per-wafer process costs.

The Axus-T4 carrier delivers on the key advantages seen on larger diameter membrane carriers:

  • Improved uniformity, often at 2% WIWNU
  • Reduced edge exclusion, down to 5mm or less
  • Increased removal rate, improving throughput and reducing process cost
  • Increased edge tuning capability, allowing for additional control of removal rate near the edge of the wafer, a feature unique to the Axus-T4 design.

Along with delivering increased yield by reclaiming the otherwise lost edge exclusion area, the carrier can be used on a wide range of wafer thicknesses, without re-shimming or otherwise rebuilding the carrier.

T4 Carrier Process

Upgrade Configurations

For AMAT Mirra ™– The Axus-T4 upgrade integrates cleanly into place for fully automated operation, enabling 4” Mirra™ CMP processing.

For IPEC & Strasbaugh platforms – The Axus-T4 upgrade can be applied specifically as a 4” carrier upgrade, along with full automation support.  It can also be added as a size option to the standard 150mm or 200mm Titan upgrades available for IPEC 372M and IPEC 472 tools or Strasbaugh 6EC or Strasbaugh 6DS-SP tools.