G&P Technology Equipment

Axus Technology has been appointed by G&P Technology as the exclusive North American distributor for the full range of G&P CMP and post-CMP cleaning products. G&P Technology manufactures CMP and post-CMP cleaning tools, specifically designed for development and research applications and is ideal for university and advanced development customers. The G&P products are used for a wide range of semiconductor and related CMP and cleaning applications and are used for all wafers sizes; ranging from small diameter wafers through 300mm diameter applications. G&P tools are engineered with a streamlined user interface and compact footprint, delivering high reliability along with the process flexibility users require.

G&P Technology has dedicated its resources and efforts to providing Universities, R&D Organizations, & MEMS/Nanofabrication companies with precise and affordable CMP (Chemical Mechanical Polishing) systems and services.

POLI-1300PCB Planarization Tool


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POLI-762 CMP Tool

POLI 762 membrane type copy

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POLI 500 CMP Tool

POLI 500 insert mounting type

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812L Post-CMP Linear Cleaner


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412R Post CMP Cleaner

GnP 412 cleaner Revised

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412S Post CMP Cleaner

412S photo from Word

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