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G&P 812L

G&P 812 cleaner 2 Double-sided PVA brushes
The G&P Technology 812L cleaner can be used as a stand-alone post-CMP cleaning tool or as a perfect companion to the G&P Technology POLI-762 CMP tool. The G&P Technology 812L cleaner can be configured to use the same cleaning consumables set typically used on common CMP planarization tools. This provides a method for process testing using cleaning recipes similar to those used on full-scale integrated production tools. Integration with the POLI-762 provides for automated post-CMP transfer directly into the 812L cleaner’s input station.
For cleaning process development and testing, the 812L can be equipped with an optional Friction and Force Measurement (FFM) system. This innovative system provides a built-in metrology system which allows users to measure contact and surface friction during the cleaning process for clear correlation between operating characteristics and cleaning performance. The FFM measurement also provides a quantitative measurement of consumables’ performance allowing users to monitor process consistency. When added to the 812L, this system can help process engineers and cleaning specialists develop an optimized, predictable and repeatable robust polishing and cleaning process recipe.


  • 200mm and 300mm wafer size
  • 2 Double-sided PVA brushes
  • Auto load
  • Spin rinse dry output station


  • Megasonic Unit for enhanced cleaning
  • Quick dump rinse (QDR-1, single tank
  • Quick dump rinse (QDR-2, recycling
  • Cleaner gripper option
  • Integration to POLI-762
  • Friction & Force Measurement


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