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Strasbaugh 7AA

Strasbaugh 7AA advanced wafer grinder
Strasbaugh 7AA advanced wafer grinder Strasbaugh 7AA advanced wafer grinder Strasbaugh 7AA advanced wafer grinder
The model 7AA fully-automatic wafer grinder is an automated in-feed grinder capable of grinding wafers ranging from 75 to 150mm in diameter.

The 7AA combines proven vertical down-feed grinding technology with force adaptive grinding. The 7AA lowers the diamond wheels onto the wafer limiting the total downforce that can be applied to the wafer to a predetermined maximum. This protects the machine, the diamond wheels, and your valuable product from being overstressed, yet allows the machine to grind at its maximum possible rate.

The 7AA also uses closed loop thickness control to reduce thickness errors and eliminate regrinds. Through continuous monitoring the computer determines if the final thickness varies from the target thickness and adjusts the grind spindle position.

The manual version uses the same grinding method and built-in measurement technologies as the automated tool. The manual tool allows for processing of non-standard shapes and substrates up to 300mm in diameter. Using templates and appropriate size wafer chucks, the 7AA manual tool supports processes for a wide range of materials as well as various shapes and sizes.


  • Concentrically mounted grinding wheels on a single air bearing downfeed spindle for easy alignment and dual grind capability
  • Single vacuum chuck on an air bearing lower spindle for stock removal and fine finishing
  • Dual input and dual output cassettes enable continuous operation
  • Centering station aligns wafers before a three-arm, two position pick-and- place robot transfers the wafers through the system
  • Inline SRD rinses and brushes each wafer, then spins to enhance drying
  • Post-grind inline LVDT measurement system feeds thickness results from each wafer back into the software to enhance thickness repeatability


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