Dual Slurry Delivery system Gemini-2 Dual Slurry Delivery System Dual Slurry Delivery system Gemini-2 Dual Slurry Delivery System Dual Slurry Delivery system Gemini-2 Dual Slurry Delivery System

Gemini-2 Dual Slurry Delivery System

Gemini 2 slurry system

The Axus Technology Gemini-2 Dual Slurry Delivery System delivers a continuous supply of two precisely controlled CMP slurries in an exceptionally compact and economical package. The Axus Gemini-2 is well-suited for a broad range of production and development applications, anywhere where the efficient use of space and slurry are important.
The Axus Gemini-2 slurry delivery system provides continuous delivery and mixing of two slurries, utilizing a pair of mix and delivery tanks for each slurry. When used for continuous dispense, slurry dispenses from one tank while new slurry is prepared in the second tank. Dispense and mix alternates between tanks continuously, allowing for uninterrupted on-demand slurry delivery. This twinned-tank arrangement eliminates the need to mix large batches of slurry and reduces concerns about pot-life and chemical management of stored slurry. Eliminating the use of a day-tank for slurry storage also allows for an exceptionally compact footprint.
Occupying less than six square feet and with its two sets of twinned tanks, the system includes all of the needed slurry management features, including slurry humidification, nitrogen backfill and automated clean and purge capability. Along with being simple to maintain, the system design supports rapid clean and changeover of slurry types.


  • Industry standard magnetically levitated low-shear pumps provide for consistent delivery of fresh slurry.
  • The user-friendly touch-screen controls deliver an intuitive user interface for slurry mix and delivery, as well as maintenance and slurry changeovers.
  • The small package with large transparent access doors puts all of the critical components within view and easy reach, making the system easy to service and maintain.
  • Priced less than most single-slurry automated delivery systems.
  • The perfect solution, delivering tremendous savings in space, capital investment, and slurry cost.


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Axus Technology partners with top industry research leaders on the production of an innovative single-chip device for the PNT market.

Chandler, Arizona, USA, – Axus Technology (Axus), a leading global provider of CMP, wafer thinning and wafer surface processing solutions for semiconductor applications, is excited to be partnering with GE Research, GE Aviation Systems, and InertiaWave, Inc. on the production of an innovative single-chip device. SEMI, through their MEMS & Sensors Industry Group (MSIG) and FlexTech Group has provided a great opportunity and platform to tackle PNT’s (Positioning, Navigation, and Timing) challenges with innovative solutions for GPS-denied environments.



Axus/Plessey Partnership

Axus partners with Plessey Semiconductors to help bring high-performance GaN-on-Silicon monolithic microLED technology to the mass market.

Using tooling from Axus and optimised processes, Plessey Semiconductors has achieved a successful wafer to wafer bond of a 1080p microLED display 0.26” diagonal to a 3-micron pixel-pitch backplane. Much smaller than the 0.7" diagonal 8-micron pixel-pitch active-matrix display previously demonstrated.



Axus Partners with CP Display to Accelerate Monolithic 1080p MicroLED Displays to Mainstream AR

Axus partners with Compound Photonics US Corporation to accelerate sub 5 µm pixel microLED development to the mass market.

Axus and CP are partnering to integrate critical wafer-scale processes needed for mass-production scale up of CP’s 3 µm pixel, 0.26” diagonal, 1080p microLED displays for the next generation AR glasses. Specifically, Axus will deploy its state-of-the-art Capstone CMP system with integrated post-CMP clean to enable wafer planarization and surface preparation process solutions for successful wafer-scale bonding of microLED wafers to high-performance CMOS backplanes.


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