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IPEC 676

IPEC 676 automated CMP system

The IPEC 676 is a Dry-in/Wet-out automated CMP system best suited for metal CMP but can also be used for dielectric CMP processes. It has one of the industry’s smallest footprints. the 676 is designed to improve yields by use of an orbital polishing motion rather than conventional rotational CMP techniques. This leads to improved wafers per square foot in the fab.


  • Four wafer planarizers (polishing modules)
  • Cassete tilter load/unload station
  • Advanced pad motion control
  • Advanced through-the-pad slurry distribution method – High speed polish drive (0-600RPM)
  • Closed loop delta P control
  • Endpoint detection system
  • Stainless steel polish bell
  • Dual pad conditioning systems
  • Upgraded 500MHz Pentium


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