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G&P POLI-610

G&P Technology POLI-610 polishing tool

The G&P Technology POLI-610 Polishing tool is used for the precision surface preparation of very hard, brittle materials such as Silicon Carbide, Gallium Nitride, and Sapphire. This is an especially good polishing tool for such LED materials which require relatively long polishing cycles and significant application of down force to achieve the desired removal rate and surface quality. The POLI-610 polishing tool is an excellent choice for economical processing of 3″ (76mm) and 4″ (100mm) wafers using “batch: style processing. In the tradition of all G & P Technology tools and equipment, the POLI-610 is a versatile and flexible process tool already chosen by R&D laboratories, university research centers, consumables suppliers, substrate manufacturers, and developers of LED substrates, and III-V materials.


  • Rigid and stable design for long life and peak performance in polishing applications used for processing very hard, brittle materials
  • Size designed for R&D laboratories but capable for pre-production and production-level manufacturing making process development and technology transfer more efficient and cost-effective
  • Affordable in-house polishing capability with state-of-the-art components
  • Includes many important features and benefits of larger, more expensive machines in an economical and space saving unit conditioning disk
  • Easy to learn, easy to operate, and easy to maintain.


(linear sweep – optional for single carrier systems)

  • 195mm end effector, segmented or pellet
  • Downforce range, 5 – 20 kgf (11 – 44 lbf)
  • Sweep rate, 0 – 12 sweep / minute


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