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G&P POLI-1300

G&P Technology POLI-1300 planarization tool

The G&P Technology POLI-1300 planarization tool is specifically designed for use in processing large format multilayer panels. The G&P POLI-1300PCB uses a large format carrier designed for use with rectangular substrates up to 530mm on a side. The rigid design of both the direct drive carrier and tool, coupled with efficient through-the-table slurry delivery, provides for efficient planarization with exceptional process uniformity and substrate-to-substrate repeatability. Using process hardware similar to that used in semiconductor CMP processing, the carrier assembly with the substrate backing film, is easy to load and securely holds the substrate in place for polishing


  • 1300 mm dia. polishing platen
  • 930 mm part carrier head
  • Friction-free pneumatic system for down force application
  • Downforce range up to 1300kgf
  • Part size range: 
    – Round: 915 mm max diameter
    – Square: up to 510 mm sq.
  • Swing arm nylon brush pad conditioner
  • 30 HP polishing platen motor


  • High load capacity with low deflection (Large Diameter Thrust Bearing)
  • Heavy duty motor
  • High-flatness
  • Constant temperature control (Cooling channel embedded)
  • Slurry transport holes located center of the platen




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