Offering a full range of process services for standard semiconductor wafers 2″ – 300mm including coupons.

Many steps are necessary in the manufacture of semiconductors, MEMS, and Nanotechnology devices.  The required process steps almost always include substrate grinding, thinning, edge profiling, edge trimming, then substrate polishing, thin film CMP, post-process cleaning, along with metrology at every step along the way.  Certain applications that call for ultra-thin wafers also require bonding steps.  Although these process steps are quite common, not every supplier is able to give you the results you need.  With top of the line processing equipment, and decades of process knowledge and experience Axus Technology has that expertise.

Axus’ engineering staff at our cleanroom wafer fabrication facility in Chandler, Arizona can handle your processing requirements, whether it be small, medium, or large lot sizes, odd shaped wafers and coupons, any size from 2” diameter up to 300mm, and nearly any substrate imaginable.  With a highly trained engineering staff with many years of experience, Axus Technology is proud to consistently deliver the very finest results possible.

  • Si
  • GaAs
  • InP
  • AlTiC
  • Kovar
  • Glass
  • SiC
  • GaN
  • LiN
  • LiTa
  • Ge
  • LiTa