Strasbaugh 7AA Wafer Grinder / Backgrinder

Strasbaugh’s 7AA Advanced Wafer Grinder is an automated in-feed grinder capable of performing a wide variety of grinding applications on wafers ranging from 75 to 150 mm in diameter.

Features:  Strasbaugh 7AA new

  • Concentrically mounted grinding wheels on a single air bearing spindle for easy alignment and dual-grind capability
  • Single-chuck design for stack removal and fine finishing
  • Three-arm, two position pick and place robot for reliable wafer movement 
  • Dual input and output cassettes for high volume

7AA Manual Version

The manual version uses the same grinding method and built-in measurement technologies as the automated tool. The manual tool allows for processing of non-standard shapes and substrates up to 300 mm in diameter. Using templates and appropriate size wafer chucks, the 7AA manual tool supports processes for a wide range of materials as well as various shapes and sizes.