SpeedFam Auriga CMP System

SpeedFam Auriga CMP Systems include a range of configurations designed for low cost of ownership and high throughput applications.  Ranging from the fast and economical Auriga through the dry-in/dry-out configurations of the Auriga C and Auriga EC tools.   With available ViPRR carrier upgrade, the Auriga platform can deliver high throughput, 3mm edge exclusion and mult-zone process control.

Auriga Features: AurigaNew

  • Two table, five carrier platform delivers exceptional throughput
  • Precision automation ensures minimal wait state and high productivity
  • Upgradable with advanced carrier technology for 3mm edge exclusion 
  • Dry-in, wet-out format provides maximum tool flexibility

Auriga C Features:

  • Fully integrated post-CMP cleaner for dry-in, dry-out processing
  • Double side PVA cleaning through two brush boxes using common chemistries
  • Cleaner water tracks and non contact rinse ring for minimal surface contact
  • SECS-II and GEM compliant

Auriga EC Features:

  • Extended range of pH for cleaning applications, including HF use