Platen Restoration Program for Applied Materials Mirra 3400 CMP Tools

The Axus Technology platen restoration program returns Mirra platens to OEM specified flatness and surface finish while also significantly reducing the force required for pad removal. The improved teflon-impregnated surface coating provides a durable and chemistry resistant surface while also significantly easing the pad removal task. User measurements showed a reduction from 40 pounds to 9 pounds of pull force required to remove a typical pad.

Platen recoating
Platens can be returned to Axus Technology for restoration either individually or in sets. Each platen is inspected prior to processing to identify any repairs that might also be required. Qualified platens are then stripped of any coating and lapped flat. The improved surface finish is then applied. All platens are inspected and recertified prior to return to the end user.

In the event the platen surface requires repair, Axus Technology engineers will identify the potential for repair, as well as the scope of work for the repair. Platen repairs will be quoted as an additional item, wherever required. Typical repairs have included repairing gouges or deep scratches in the platen surface as well as restoring other incidental platen damage.


In the event a platen cannot be properly repaired, Axus Technology can provide a new platen replacement.