POLI-762 CMP Tool

The G & P Technology POLI-762 Membrane Carrier CMP Tool is our most advanced and intelligent CMP tool designed for high versatility for 12”(300mm) CMP process development, materials evaluation and pre-production runs. The POLI-762 was also designed for advanced wafer manufactures and consumables suppliers. 

Standard Features Include:  POLI 762 membrane type copy

  • Carrier Size, 300mm
  • Optional Sizes, 4”, 150mm, 200mm
  • Platen Speed, 30 – 200rpm
  • Carrier Speed, 20 – 300rpm
  • In Situ Pad Conditioner
  • Slurry Pumps, 4
  • Platen temperature control


  • End Point Detection, motor current
  • Low pressure polish control
  • High pressure spray rinse