OnTrak DSS-200 Series 2 Post CMP Cleaner

OnTrak DSS 200 Series 2 Double-sided PVA Scrubber offers production-proven cleaning results for particles as small as 0.125µm. Depending on the application, throughputs of 45-65 wafers per hour are attainable, making the DSS-200 Series 2 the most cost-effective wafer cleaning system for wafers from 150mm to 200mm.

Standard Features Include:  DSS200 Series2 web

  • 200mm ergonomic load station
  • Double sided PVA scrub 
  • Dual brush boxes 
  • Ammonia dispense
  • IR assisted spin dry station
  • Robotic unload
  • Vertical unload station
  • Touchscreen controls 

Optional Features:

  • Megasonics at spin dry station
  • Multiple chemical delivery system
  • Signal light tower