Titan Upgrade for IPEC & Strasbaugh CMP Tools

In the two years since Axus Technology introduced the Titan Carrier Upgrade for legacy CMP tools, several users have been able to greatly improve the process performance and throughput of their legacy CMP tools. 

While process metrics would indicate that the upgrade ROI is driven by improving the edge exclusion to 3mm, along with 2% WIWNU and the general doubling of removal rates - some of the early users see the greatest value in the wide range of substrate thicknesses that they can use without needing to rebuild the carrier.Titan Upgrade stats

The membrane carrier accommodates a range of wafer thicknesses from the very thin - down to a few hundred microns thickness, up to the very thick, including bonded wafer assemblies of 2mm or greater thickness - all without needing to re-shim the carrier rings or modify the tool setup.

The Titan carrier is a late generation membrane carrier with a pressure controlled retaining ring and two zones of pressure control.   The improved force control provides wafer pressure control, allows for higher table speeds, and lowers the applied downforce. Throughput, removal rate, cost of per wafer processing and uniformity all improve. The Titan upgrade delivers state-of-the-art process results at a tiny fraction of the cost of a replacement tool.