Repair Services for Reflexion and Mirra Conditioning Arms

Reflexion and Mirra conditioning arms are two of the many CMP tool assemblies that Axus Technology provides repair and remanufacturing services for.  Mirra Conditioning ArmAs with all of the rebuild services we provide, the service includes a bill of materials comprised of all of the major wear components as well as a post-repair test and certification for each conditioning arm.  The process includes a complete disassembly and inspection of the conditioning arms.  In addition, Reflexion arms are often stripped and recoated with a more durable Teflon-based coating.  The Reflexion and Mirra conditioning arms are rebuilt and then subjected to an extended functional test using a dedicated test fixture.

Several end users rely on Axus Technology to maintain their in-house conditioning arm inventory.  These facilities have established routine maintenance cycles where the conditioning arms that have been remanufactured are installed on the tools and the arms requiring maintenance are placed in a dedicated shipping case and returned to Axus for prompt remanufacturing.

Reflexion LK Arm Calibration and TestAs with all Axus CMP support services, including platen restoration, HCLU rebuilds, or carrier modification and rebuilding, the conditioning arms remanufactured by Axus Technology for Reflexion and Mirra tools are fully tested, serialized, and delivered with warranty support.