Mirra Platen Restoration & Axus RPP -- Removable Polish Platen

In addition to providing platen restoration services for Mirra CMP tools, Axus Technology has recently released the Axus RPP™ Removable Polish Platen upgrade forMirra RPP upgrade assembly use with the Mirra CMP platform.  The RPP assembly replaces the current top plate assembly with a two piece assembly that includes a replaceable platen top.  With additional platen tops on hand, users can now change polish platens, including their polish pads, simply and without wasting valuable consumables.  The RPP is ideal for development applications or where a single tool is needed for multiple applications.  The RPP platen tops are manufactured using the same specifications and surface finish as our standard platens.  Both are finished with a Teflon-based surface finish that provides needed surface protection while also reducing the pad removal force by 75%.  The Axus RPP™ upgrade platens perform identical to the current platen, including support for through the table endpoint hardware.  For more information about Mirra Platen Restoration or the Axus RPP upgrade, please click here.