Mirra CMP Tool Remanufacture

In a recent source inspection of two Applied Materials MirraTrak CMP tools, it was apparent that Axus achieved their quality goals when their end user asked, "Are you sure these tools aren't new?" 

The Axus-supplied MirraTraks, supported by Axus' expert installation and service teams together with their highly experienced process support engineering team, were installed and ready for site qualification long before the user's other process tool installations were complete.Mirra Platen tool

This particular user had licensed their process technology from one of their manufacturing partners and these two tools were to be the first set of high volume production CMP tools installed at the site. 

A test and transfer plan was developed by Axus' process engineering team, with development and testing accomplished at the Axus Technology foundry and development lab, and then replicated at startup at the user site.  The Axus Technology process team pre-qualified the process, including several process and materials improvements, allowing the end user to focus their energy on process integration work, even before the tools were shipped to the site. 

The reliability of the remanufactured tooling together with a rapid startup allowed the end user to quickly focus on process optimization.  Axus aims to deliver complete solutions for CMP processes and equipment, making our customers productive as quickly as possible.

To view an example of remanufactured MirraTrak and the wafer path in the tool, see the video at: http://vimeo.com/71219141.