Join Axus Technology at ICPT 2015

The International Conference on Planarization/CMP Technology (2015 ICPT) will be held in Chandler, Arizona beginning on September 30.  As a truly international CMP meeting, the annual meeting rotates through several international venues and is scheduled to be held in North America only once every five years.  A global cast of speakers, attendees, and exhibitors will be in attendance.  For those that might want to attend please follow the link here to find our more about the conference and to register.

Fortunately for Axus Technology, and with Paul Feeney, our Director of Process Technology, serving as co-chair of the conference, this year’s ICPT is in a remarkably convenient location for us.

While ICPT is an opportunity for us to meet with an array of process and equipment experts and to exchange information about challenges and new discoveries related to the CMP industry, the meeting will begin with a presentation by Dr. Klaus Beyer, widely acknowledged as a pioneer in developing early CMP technology.  Dan Trojan, an Axus Technology co-founder and our VP of Engineering, will also present information about recent advances in temporary bonding technologies and the development of advanced equipment for low non-uniformity CMP for small wafers.  Additional process presentations will be provided by some of Axus’ customers, outlining their process development work, much of which was engineered in the Axus CMP process development lab and foundry.  

Axus Technology is a Gold-Sponsor of the 2015 ICPT meeting and will also have an exhibit table at the conference.  We are looking forward to the opportunity to meet with many of our friends and customers at a time when the desert is (hopefully) cooling down.