CMP Support Items for Mirra and Reflexion CMP Tools

CMP tools require routine maintenance and support for a number of key components.  Axus Technology provides remanufacturing services for many of these essential component parts, providing both routine care and complete remanufacturing, as required.  In many cases, we maintain a repair cycle for assemblies including conditioning arms and wafer carriers, providing rebuilt items for stocking in anticipation of PMs, as well as routine repair and return.  Among the items rebuilt in our facility are:Reflexion LK Arm Calibration and Test

  • Mirra Conditioning Arms
  • Reflexion and Reflexion LK Conditioning Arms
  • Mirra Platen Restoration
  • Mirra HCLU assemblies
  • Carriers
  • NSK Motor and Drive assemblies

Conditioning arms for the Mirra and Reflexion CMP tools have been rebuilt at Axus Technology for more than a decade.  The arms are completely disassembled and fully remanufactured and tested.  Working with several of our users, it became clear that minimal repair or rebuild often lead to serial failures and additional downtime.  Complete arm remanufacture is the most cost effective method for arm maintenance.  Of the several hundred conditioning arms that have been rebuilt, none have been returned due to arm failures in the year following remanufacture.  In the case of the Reflexion conditioning arms, we also have the option to apply a more durable and cleaner coating to the arm.  The arm is stripped and then recoated with a Teflon-based material.  In the years that we have been applying this coating none of these coated arms have needed recoating.  It is important to note that the arms aren’t repaired, but are fully rebuilt using a standard set of new components.   Each arm is then mounted on a test stand for burn in and testing.  For several users, conditioning arms are prepared and placed in customer inventory and then the arms that are removed are returned to Axus Technology for rebuild and returned to user inventory. 

Restored Mirra PlatenMirra platens are occasionally require some repair or maintenance as the coatings become worn or scratched, which also leads to surprising variation in process results.  While the original coating applied to many of the platens, while durable, is not “user friendly” when the pad needs to be changed.  Axus Technology has developed a routine process for restoring the platen planarity and surface quality, while also applying an improved coating to the platens.  The improved Teflon-based coating on a replanarized platen surface ensures proper tool and process performance.  At the same time pad removal is made much easier as the pull-strength required has been reduced by two-thirds.  In addition, platens that have surface damage can most often be repaired.  The net result is restored process performance, easier pad replacement, and less likelihood of damage to the platen during pad removal.

Mirra HCLU assemblies are central to the loading unloading of the tool.  Axus provides full rebuild and test services for the assemblies as well as field rebuild kits, for those users that don’t have ready spare.  HCLU assemblies sent or exchanged with Axus are fully rebuilt and burned in on a test stand prior to shipment.

There are a number of carrier styles and options used on the Mirra CMP tool.  Axus Technology provides routine ship-to-stock rebuild services for users, including optional consignment inventory.  Carriers are shipped in dedicated shipping containers, are fully rebuilt and tested, and then returned to customer stock.  The repair cycle begins again each time a carrier is pulled from stock and the used carrier is returned.  Rebuild of the carrier includes installation of a new retaining ring, membrane, and any worn parts, as well as the fasteners and o-rings in the carrier.  Carriers are then pressure tested and certified and returned to customer inventory.

Finally, the NSK motors and drives are installed as matched sets on Mirra CMP tools.  Axus Technology repairs both, including repair of the motors, as required.

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