IPEC 676 Automated CMP Tool

The IPEC 676 automated CMP system is capable of throughput of 40 or more wafers per hour and offers one of the industry’s smallest footprints. The 676 can be used to polish either oxide or metal layers, allowing customers to reduce the number of different CMP systems in a wafer fabrication facility. The 676 is designed to improve yields by use of an orbital polishing motion rather than conventional rotational CMP techniques to enable higher levels of reliability and ease of use. 

Standard Features Include:IPEC-676 web

  • Four wafer planarizers
  • Three cassette tilter load/unload station
  • Advanced pad motion control
  • High speed polish drive (0-600 RPM)
  • Closed loop delta P control
  • Endpoint detection system
  • Stainless steel polish bell
  • Dual pad conditioning systems
  • Upgraded 500MHz Pentium