Custom Equipment Engineering

The Axus Technology staff has extensive experience in the development of new equipment, as well as creating modifications for existing equipment. These improvements have been designed to address new processes, unusual material handling requirements, or to improve productivity.

Equipment Design & Development 

Our engineering resources include mechanical and hardware engineering, electrical and control systems, and after-market software development and support. By applying these resources to specific customer requirements, Axus Technology provides cost-effective solutions for virtually any requirement. Some examples of Axus Technology capabilities are outlined here.

  • Modifications to standard CMP equipment for handling unique geometry (size, shape, thickness and material) substrates for applying conventional CMP processes to manufacturing of thin film read / write heads for the disk drive industry. 

  • Development of special tooling and polishing process for edge bead removal of polyimide on standard silicon wafer substrate. 

  • Process development and equipment modifications for a multiple-step process to grind material from both sides of silicon / polysilicon wafers for the formation of dielectrically-isolated “tubs” for manufacturing specialized devices for military applications. 

  • Integration of force and pressure sensing instrumentation to add or improve sensing capability for critical process parameters to improve process results and/or product yield. 

  • Development and integration of peripheral process and equipment data collection systems for critical process monitoring and diagnostics. 

  • Process development and handling system modifications for processing of gallium arsenide wafers to sub-100 micron final thickness.

Custom Tool Design

Axus Technology has delivered a range of custom and semi-custom products for fab use, worldwide.  Whether for CMP, polishing, cleaning or substrate grinding, there is an economical custom solution available. 

Examples of recent custom tool projects include: 

  • Strasbaugh 6DS-SP for 160mm mounted wafers 
  • OnTrak DSS200 with 3" through 300mm cleaning capability 
  • OnTrak DSS200 cleaner for transparent substrates 
  • OnTrak DSS200 upgraded for automated processing of rectangular substrates 
  • IPEC472 modified to process 300mm diameter wafers 
  • Strasbaugh grinder modifed to grind singulated devices

Value-Add Engineering

Often a process can be more efficiently and profitably accomplished using a consumable part or replaceable component made of a new or different material, or possibly in a different form. This is very often true of legacy tools, where material technology has improved since the manufacture of the tooling itself. Often, newly available materials will vastly improve the performance and process lifetime of an existing tool.

On newer equipment it is possible to substantially improve the economics of the manufacturing process by redesigning a consumable part in a manner that improves the cost of the part by modifying the design, the use of new materials, or both. 

Whether it is tooling of considerable age, or a state of the art installation, Axus has the expertise and experience to improve the economics of your process.