CMP Process Engineer

Job Description

  • Position: CMP Process Engineer
  • Location: Chandler Az
  • Reports to: GM/director of process lab

Job Summary

  • Work with a team of highly skilled engineers and technicians to enable the development of key processes for emerging technologies in the semiconductor industry
  • Spearhead the grinding and wafer thinning group that provides cutting edge technology to build the prototypes for tomorrow’s semiconductor devices

Essential Functions & Key Responsibilities

  • Engage with leading edge customers to understand their requirements for building device prototypes
  • Make process recommendation to achieve or enable the desired results of the customers
  • Understand in detail the various aspects of the grind process, its capabilities and shortfalls
  • Project will include, but are not limited to
    •       Grinding of advanced substrate materials, e.g. GaAs, GaN, InP, GaSb, AlN, SiC, micro crystalline diamond, sapphire and stacked layers thereof
    •       Grinding and bonding of advances MEMS devices on Si and other substrates
    •       Thinning of substrate materials to ultra-thin layers with good TTV control
    •       Temporary bonding of substrate materials
    •       Characterization of substrate thickness variations, defectivity, surface roughness etc.

Required Minimum Qualifications


  • BS or better in an engineering discipline
  • Position does not require any travel

Skills and Experience

  • 4-5 years experience in semiconductor processing
  • Familiar with DOE methods for the development of robust wafer processes
  • Experience with methods of process window mapping
  • Hands-on experience with grinder and CMP tools is a plus
  • Great written, verbal communication and presentation skills