Axus Technology to Distribute Trusval Technology CO2 DI Water Delivery System

Chandler, AZ -- June 23, 2016 - Axus Technology has been selected by Trusval Technology as the exclusive distributor for the Trusval CO2-DI Water delivery system in North America and Europe. Used for wet cleaning applications, the Trusval CO2-DIW provides high purity DI water that is also conductive, eliminating ESD risk in wet cleaning and grinding applications, where SOI and other devices might otherwise be prone to damage. 

Much more efficient than membrane-based technology or CO2 bubbling, a single Trusval CO2-DIW system can deliver up to 80 liters per minute of conductive CO2 charged water for use in critical wet process steps where the stability of the water conductivity is critical.  For certain process steps the CO2-charged water has proven to be an effective replacement for NMP, while also delivering improved process performance. 

The system relies on a CO2 concentration technology that is 100% efficient in the use of CO2 and DI water inputs, delivering exceptionally consistent water at a high volume.

First shipments of the Trusval CO2-DIW system for Taiwan and Asia began in 2015, and in association with Axus Technology, is now sold and supported worldwide. Axus is pleased to be exhibiting this tool at the upcoming Semicon West 2016 conference in San Francisco.  The tool and representatives from both Axus Technology and Trusval Technology will be at the Moscone Center, Booth 2305 in the South Hall. 

"We are pleased to be working with Axus Technology," said Trusval Technology president, Eric Chien.  "While Trusval has established a strong customer base in Taiwan and Asia, Axus Technology has the technical capability and engineering expertise needed to support our North American and European customers.  Axus has a strong history in supporting process development work and will help us apply the Trusval CO2-DIW system in both proven applications and new processes."

About Axus Technology

Axus Technology provides surface processing solutions for a range of semiconductor, MEMS, substrate, and related technologies. With a highly experienced engineering team, Axus Technology applies proven process technology to the production and development of CMP processes, advanced substrate development, and advanced packaging applications including 3-D integration and through-silicon-via processes. Along with providing support services for existing tools, Axus Technology delivers economical leading-edge equipment and process solutions that are precisely configured for end-user applications.

Based in Chandler, Arizona, Axus Technology operations include a fully-equipped development and foundry processing facility, as well as design, manufacturing, and worldwide service and parts support.

About Trusval

Trusval Technology, headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan, is a leading supplier of chemical management and dispense products in Asia with an expanding global presence.  With a staff of more than 300, Trusval delivers specialized chemical delivery and management systems, as well as providing facility and system integration support.

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