Axus Technology Now Offering Gemini-2 Dual Slurry Delivery System

Chandler, AZ -- June 2, 2016 - Axus Technology is pleased to offer the Gemini-2 Dual Slurry Delivery System. This innovative system delivers a continuous supply of two precisely controlled CMP slurries in an exceptionally compact and economical package. The system was developed and delivered under an exclusive customer contract and has been in service for more than five years. Axus is now able to offer this system to other users for a broad range of production and development applications, anywhere where the efficient use of space and slurry are important.

The Axus Gemini-2 slurry delivery system provides continuous delivery and mixing of two slurries, utilizing a pair of mix and delivery tanks for each slurry.  When used for continuous dispense, slurry dispenses from one tank while new slurry is prepared in the second tank.  Dispense and mix alternates between tanks continuously, allowing for uninterrupted on-demand slurry delivery.  This twinned-tank arrangement eliminates the need to mix large batches of slurry and reduces concerns about pot-life and chemical management of stored slurry. Eliminating the use of a day-tank for slurry storage also allows for an exceptionally compact footprint.  
The Gemini-2 delivers two slurries with a footprint that is a small fraction of what a typical single slurry delivery system requires. Occupying less than six square feet, and with its two sets of twinned tanks, the system includes all of the needed slurry management features, including slurry humidification, nitrogen backfill and automated clean and purge capability. Along with being simple to maintain, the system design supports rapid clean and changeover of slurry types. 

"With the system in service for more than five years, the Gemini-2 systems have demonstrated their reliability and consistent performance," stated Dan Trojan, VP of Engineering at Axus Technology.  "We're delighted to now be able to offer these systems to all users.  The Gemini-2 delivers two slurries and is priced less than a single-slurry automated delivery system. For many sites it's the perfect solution: a small foot-print system that delivers savings in both capital investment and slurry cost."