Axus Technology Introduces Titan Carrier Upgrade

Chandler, AZ – May 23, 2012 – Axus Technology, a global supplier of CMP and wafer thinning equipment, has introduced the Titan Carrier Upgrade for IPEC and Strasbaugh CMP platforms, adding yet another technology upgrade for use on legacy CMP tools. 

With several thousand Titan carriers in production use on Mirra® tools, the Applied Materials Titan carrier has an established process and production history. By capitalizing on this proven Titan performance, the upgrade package developed by Axus Technology delivers significantly better uniformity, throughput, and yield for the widely used IPEC 372M and 472 tools and Strasbaugh 6DS-SP and 6EC platforms.

"The Titan upgrade is designed as a tightly integrated package that installs cleanly and without affecting the tool software, host control, or recipe management. In comparison to the standard fixed-ring carriers, the results from the Titan processing on IPEC 472 and Strasbaugh 6DS-SP platforms demonstrated an improved edge exclusion, out to 3mm, along with as much as a 5X improvement in uniformity and with removal rates increased between 30 and 100%. Typical oxide baseline results with the Titan upgrade are 3% or less.

Additionally, the membrane-based Titan carrier upgrade eliminates the use of the vacuum holes that are required on metal plate carriers. The sealed membrane eliminates the uptake of process fluids that can be a source of corrosion and defects. Eliminating this source of contamination will also substantially reduce the maintenance of rotary unions and valves. 

"Axus' engineering team is pleased to offer this upgrade of the Titan Carrier to help our customers meet their process and production requirements more efficiently," stated Dan Trojan, Vice President of Engineering for Axus Technology. "This upgrade allows us to offer customers who currently use IPEC and Strasbaugh platforms, the benefits seen on the Mirra® tools with the addition of improved process results, greater yield and more reliable tool performance, which in combination result in a substantially lower overall cost of ownership."