Axus Technology Introduces 300MM Upgrades for Proven CMP Process Tools

Adds 300mm Capability for Established Tool Set

Chandler, AZ - July 10, 2008 – Axus Technology, a global supplier of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, parts, and engineering services for chemical mechanical planarization (CMP), wafer cleaning and wafer-thinning equipment users, today announced the first deliveries of 300mm capable tools that are based on well established 200mm platforms. The 472-300 and DSS300 upgrades provide end users with automated processing capability for the entire range of SEMI standard wafer sizes, up to 300mm.  

“These products grew out of the series of upgrades that we have applied to the IPEC and DSS200 platforms,” said Dan Trojan, vice-president and CTO at Axus Technology. “These development programs complement our current product offerings. We were able to increase the range of applications without compromising the automation or changing the tool software. The result is a tool set that is exceptionally cost-effective and reliable, delivering the automation and flexibility that our customers require.”

The 472-300 CMP tool is built on the widely used IPEC 472 platform. The 472-300 can process SEMI standard wafers automatically, as well as allowing the use of templates for loading non-standard substrate shapes and sizes. The tool is expected to continue to be used for production and development applications, with improved capabilities for use in 300mm consumables development and wafer reclaim applications.

The DSS300 provides economical and high throughput 300mm double side PVA wafer cleaning capability. Based on the DSS 200 cleaning platform, the DSS300 is a reliable and stable platform for CMP applications as well as for other applications that require 300mm wafer cleaning.